Syndicate Mortgage Investment

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A syndicate mortgage is a product in which you pool your money together with a number of other lenders and provide the funds to one borrower.  The investment ‘moves’ as one funding but each investor is individually registered and secured proportionally.

With a syndicate mortgage investment, there are no shares or units to be purchased. Your investment is therefore not subject to changes or fluctuations in value, the way mutual or segregated funds have. Every member of the syndicate mortgage has their full face amount (principal) registered in their favour at the Land Registry Office.  This is a feature that is unique to syndicate mortgages.

Syndicate mortgage investments are RSP and non-accredited eligible, which allows consumers to invest their registered funds directly into Canadian real estate development projects such as the one below.

Many mortgage investors are adding syndicated mortgages in addition to their “standard second mortgages”, or instead of, due to it’s overall appeal. In typical second mortgages you are dealing with clients that may not have the best credit, or may not be able to prove income. In this syndicate mortgage product you are dealing with blue chip companies.

Below is a picture of sample project in the GTA.

 Consider the following questions:

> Are you concerned about the performance and returns of your RRSP (RESP, TFSA, CASH etc.)

> Are you concerned your current plan of preservation and growth of your financial assets will not be sufficient to sustain you in the time of hardship and /or retirement?

> Are you concerned that you have unused RRSP contributions (RESP, TFSA, CASH etc.) that is not currently invested and growing?

> Are you concerned that management and administration fees charged on your financial assets (currently averaging 25-30% of your gross return) are eroding your financial goals?

> Could you use a tax refund for investing or paying down debt?

Are you ready to get more information on an investment option that:

> Pays 8% interest per year for standard 3 year term RSP, RESP, TFSA, RIF, LIRA, LIF and of course CASH eligible.

> Is secured by a mortgage registered against real estate in your name

> Additional profit participation 10-14% (estimated – calculated on amount invested) on 3 year terms or longer

Are you ready to learn more about this amazing opportunity? Take control of YOUR financial future.

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