You’re Unique

Everyone’s situation is different, therefore one “cookie cutter” mortgage product will not work for everyone. Items such as your credit history, and employment type will determine what kind of mortgage product you will be able to obtain. For example, some lenders will lend to people with “bumpy credit” and others won’t. I have access to various lenders and products that allow me to place mortgages for many different scenarios. Below are just a few of the recent deals I have obtained funding for:

* Business for self, could not show Notice of Assessment

* Airplane hangar, no appraisal, private funds

* Non-owner occupied investment property in corporation name

* Second home with 5% down

* New to Canada, no Canadian credit history

* Institutional 2nd mortgage 92% loan to value (550 beacon score, no notice of assessment)

* Rent to own solutions with 2.5% down

Of course if you have good credit, provable income etc. I can definitely obtain a great rate and product for you.

If you’re looking for a solution today or looking to see what you need to do to qualify for a mortgage please contact me.

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